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Employee Survey: Employee Engagement Survey

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I have read a lot of articles lately professing that you should not measure employee engagement, that’s right, stop the employee engagement surveys…the employee surveys.  Now the reasons seem to range from reasoning that there are other measurements that tell a story about employee engagement such as employee retention or the number of new ideas or products that are coming out.  I do agree that these measurements may shed some light on employee engagement but they probably only tell part of the story.  For instance you could have high retention of employees due to other factors than employee engagement, such as a great pension plan or an environment where employees have quit but stay for the pay and perks.  As well employee attrition may be the result of poor employee engagement, but it is usually one of the last signs and by that time your organization is in trouble.


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Employee Survey .... Why?

Business started to survey employees when they realized that there was a strong link between company performance and how the employees felt.  The link between employee satisfaction and employee engagement has been studied constantly over the last couple of decades.  Each study confirms the link between the employees and the performance of the organization and if you think about it, it makes total sense.  As technology and process has become an increasingly level playing field the largest differentiators in organization performance ends up being the employee component.  The studies have increasing confirmed that of the employee surveys that employee engagement has the strongest link in determining company performance.   

Having spent almost two decades working with organizations and helping them increase employee engagement, I have had the opportunity to hit the sweet spot, seeing employee engagement first hand and seeing the results.....increased sales, reduced employee attrition, retention of talent, improved business results.  Now before we go any further let's make sure we all understand the difference between employee engagement and employee satisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction basically comes down to happy employees are.  The business link is that happy employees have been seen to increase customer satisfaction levels and in turn results in increased profit.

Employee Engagement is the level employees are connected to the business and how committed they are to driving business results.  Employee satisfaction is a one component of employee engagement.  Employee engagement has been linked to a number of improved business metrics including operating profit, customer satisfaction, increased safety, reduced attrition, profit, shareholder return and number of other items. 


Employee engagement is the right measure for businesses to measure, unfortunately many businesses are behind the times and are still measuring a sub component of employee engagement such as employee satisfaction or employee commitment. 

Now back to the question....to measure or not?  If there is one true depictor of successful businesses it is that they constantly evolve and improve, they stay a step ahead and know what is coming up.  The only way to do this is to have measures and indicators and the great thing about measuring employee engagement is that it is a lead indicator....a crystal ball into the future of your organization.  Are you headed for success or a cliff...measure your most important investment today....your employees. Contact us today about your Employee Survey needs.


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