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Employee Survey: Employee Engagement Survey

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I have read a lot of articles lately professing that you should not measure employee engagement, that’s right, stop the employee engagement surveys…the employee surveys.  Now the reasons seem to range from reasoning that there are other measurements that tell a story about employee engagement such as employee retention or the number of new ideas or products that are coming out.  I do agree that these measurements may shed some light on employee engagement but they probably only tell part of the story.  For instance you could have high retention of employees due to other factors than employee engagement, such as a great pension plan or an environment where employees have quit but stay for the pay and perks.  As well employee attrition may be the result of poor employee engagement, but it is usually one of the last signs and by that time your organization is in trouble.


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Engaging Your Employees 

So what is employee productivity?  Employee productivity would seem to be as simple as how much an employee produces, but what about the big picture.  Let’s take a look at a fictitious company, Hard Numbers Corporation.  They have decided to measure employee productivity as x widgets per employee hour.  Since they started focusing on employee productivity they have been able to increase average widgets per employee hour from 80 to 92, a 15% improvement.  The problem is that they have only experienced a slight decrease in costs and their sales are flat.

Now lets take a look at their competitor, Highly Engaged Corporation, they also decided to measure employee productivity.  They took a more balanced and holistic look at employee productivity.  They chose the following metrics to track employee productivity:

  1. Revenue / Employee
  2. Operating Margin / Employee
  3. Customer Retention Rate



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